It’s easy to spend time agonizing over the caption for an Instagram photo. The paralyzing pause that comes before posting…is this caption good enough? Will people like it? Maybe it’s dumb? Does my voice even matter?

Imagine not having to spend 30 minutes agonizing over crafting the perfect caption for your Instagram post.


We have a tendency to assume that just because we are drawing a blank, we don’t have anything to say. However, I’d be willing to bet that most of us know what we want to say…we are just worried if people will receive it well.

I get why! There is so much unnecessary judgment on social media. If you’re too happy, people raise eyebrows. If you’re too vulnerable, eye-rolls all around. If it’s song lyrics, you’re not original. A selfie and a Bible verse?

Whew, I won’t even go there.


Walking the fine line between caring about what you share with your friends while also not getting caught up in over-analyzing every detail is difficult. After posting over one thousand photos (feel free to judge! I know I am), I found that each time I went to post, this simple question would pop into my head,

What do I want my caption to convey?”

That may seem a little serious for a silly little social media app. But the main thing I’ve learned in life? Our words have power. What you say with a photo of avocado toast might seem insignificant, but your words could have the potential make a meaningful impact on someone and change the course of their entire day.


Expanding on the initial question, I usually run through these three options:

  1. Do I want to encourage someone today?

  2. Is my goal to share humor and be lighthearted?

  3. Do I want to share what is on my heart?

Sometimes a particular photo will lend itself more suitably towards a specific type of caption but at the end of the day it’s up to you! And that’s the beauty of it. Captions are not a big deal in the scope of life, but don’t discount the power of your voice and the potential impact of what you say. You can make people laugh, call them higher, be encouraging, or even share your opinion on current events.



Most people open Instagram and dread composing an immaculate caption. As a recovering caption perfectionist, trust me when I say, that doesn’t have to be you anymore.

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