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My greatest regret in life? Never owning a J.Crew Bubble necklace. 

Sure, that sounds intense. But if there’s one word to accurately describe those massive necklaces, intense would be at the top of the list. They were bold, and made such a statement. They came in so many colors! And best of all, they made even a simple outfit of t-shirt and shorts look like….a  t-shirt and shorts, but you actually tried this time.


Since I was approximately 12 at the time of the bubble craze, investing in a necklace that was about the length of my entire torso didn’t seem too wise. However! The build-up of disappointment that came from sitting out on the sidelines during such a (heavy?) moment in soccer mom fashion history fueled my full force foray into the bandana trend.

I missed out on the last neck accessory trend and I wasn’t about to let it happen again.

Enter: The bandana.

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I've since learned that bandanas are actually more closely related to their ancient ancestor, the bubble necklace, than one might initially think. Bandanas can be statement scarves, they come in all the colors and have a magical ability to transform a t-shirt and shorts into something more thoughtful.

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The only difference between bubble necklaces and bandanas, besides 12 pounds, is that I actually own a bandana!

(make that 8)



MADEWELL // My personal favorites are from Madewell. I find that these hold their shape best and also come in the cutest patterns. Also it's about the only thing I can afford from Madewell, so there's that. (want to get me this one for my birthday?)

J.CREW // J.Crew silk scarves are what dreams are made of. They also go on sale fairly often so those dreams have the potential to come true fairly often. (how cute is this fruity print?!)

TARGET // Am I in a healthy, committed relationship? Why yes, thank you for asking. And it just so happens to be with the dollar section at Target because they have bandanas!! (This one isn't $1...but it looks like a picnic blanket so i'd say it's worth it.)

OLD NAVY // These are a bit floppy and too soft and poofy. But somehow they end up in the shopping cart, and who am I to mess with the forces of nature? (this is my most recent addition!)

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So I might not have been cool enough (or old enough?) (or physically strong enough) for the bubble necklace trend, but bandanas?

Watch out because I'm coming for every single one.

Karissa Nickish