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Last year, May was a crazy chaotic, emotional month for everyone (in our family at least. Hopefully you all didn't experience the same junk!!). Despite the craziness of it all, Mom and I somehow managed to make it to Canvas for Mother's Day dinner, and somehow it was as though time stood still. The light was golden, the food delicious, and we decided that it should definitely become a thing.

One year later, our lives look very different, but the sunset through the glass house was just as spectacular, and the food just as delicious, and we even got free champagne which was a definite win!

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Canvas is in Lake Nona which is right outside of Orlando. For being such a touristy city, Canvas is very, very peaceful and such a relaxing atmosphere. It sits right on the lake with this amazing glass house on the property. Both times we made our reservation for during golden hour (I'm sure you can see why!) The house was designed and crafted by a local artist, and it's basically every fashion bloggers/instagrammers/homeschooled girl's dream come true.

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Since last Mother's Day, they've expanded the property to include a garden! There were tomatoes and peppers and herbs galore, and it's what they use in their cooking. Basically it's the Florida equivalent of Farm-To-Table, and I love it. Way to go Florida!

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And in case you were wondering, yes, we did eat, and, yes, the food was amazing! This time we got scallops and that's a very lame way to put it because they were delicious and adorned with all kinds of fancy things that I'm really not worthy of. 

If you're ever in Orlando and looking for a place to eat, Canvas should be first on your list. No Disney tourists. No chicken fingers on the menu. Just a glass house, good food and the PERFECT place to watch the sun set!

Karissa Nickish